You’re not no one.

"Human? Is that supposed to offend me?"

"198?" "And counting"

If you see something, say nothing and drink to forget.

"werewolves don't exist."

Hi, in your graphics "it’s always going to be the two of us.", could you please tell me which episode the 3rd cap on the right is from? The one in which Merlin is holding Arthur's sword? I've been looking for a reference like that and couldn't find any, I'd look for it myself but I don't even remember which season it's from, probably 3 or 4? That would very kind of you to help. :) It's a really pretty graphics btw, it has the most lovely colors!

thank you! :’)

and it’s episode 3x06!

i stumbled upon your blog today and everything is so pretty and i wondered if you could tell me if post/34491473199/you-need-no-further-part-in-this is from a specific episode?

thank you very much anon <3

and that episode is 5x04: Another’s Sorrow